Joseph D. Hancock

Joe's interest in photography began in the 70's with a Minolta SRT-102. Although a serious hobbyist for years, unfortunate circumstances caused him to lay the cameras aside. Nearly twenty-five years later, with a curiousity about digital, the desire began to grow once again. From this curiousity, a passion evolved. This passion has resulted in award-winning images but, more notably, has developed into a keen desire to pass on his experience. Joe presents programs at local universities and camera clubs, as well as, providing instruction in one-on-one and small groups.

He now shoots whenever possible. This passion for photography and love of nature has combined to form a rewarding experience.

Joe shoots landscape and wildlife primarily but occaionally ventures into automobile photography and other genre. Joe also serves as a coordinator for the Upstate region of the Carolinas Nature Photographers Association (CNPA).

Joe is based in Greenwood, South Carolina. He is supported by his wife, Tommie, and cats, Franky, Cherokee, Simon and Jackson. Simon serves as technical adivsor while Cherokee is the art critique. Frankie and Jackson haven't quite found their niche.

"Our Creator has blessed us with a diversity of natural wonders. From the massive splendor of a mountain range to the fragile beauty of a butterfly's wing, nature abounds. I believe this beauty is meant to be enjoyed - in person where possible. So get out there and see what the Lord has made; and, if you see me out there, wandering in the wilderness, stop and speak - things like these are intended to be shared." - Joe Hancock